Welcome to Recycled Medical!

Welcome to Recycled Medical....A FREE listing site for you to list your pre-owned medical supplies and discuss medical situations you or others in your life have faced, in order to help other people. It certainly helps to talk to others who have faced medical challenges. Maybe, you are a husband, wife, child, parent, grandparent or friend of someone facing a medical challenge. It is my wish that you find this site a great resource for you and your loved ones.

My grandmother always said, "Butterflies are a sign of life." Life doesn’t wait while you get on your feet, so live every day and remember... every day matters, so make it a great day!

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Pre-Owned Medical Supplies

Looking for medical supplies you may need after surgery? Want to sell your pre-owned medical supplies? You have come to the right place. This is a FREE LISTING site for those who want to sell their pre-owned medical supplies (Perhaps a walker, crutches, a long grabber to pick something up off the floor when you can't bend over those first few weeks after having surgery or maybe you need something to help you put on your socks). Those items can be expensive and most people only use their medical supplies for a matter of a few weeks or a month so lets help each other and the earth by recycling those pre-owned items.

Peoples Forum

If you want to ask questions from others who have had the surgery you are facing, click on our "PEOPLES FORUM" tab and put it out there. My personal experiences have taught me that there are people out there who have questions, are scared and would love to talk to someone who has already been though it. Sometimes the loved ones watching you go through it also need support and comfort from people who have been down that road. A child or young adult may need to share feelings, fears, etc. and be comforted. I've had friends call and ask if I minded them having their friend or loved one call me to ask me questions about surgery and aftercare. I think it is especially helpful to get tips from people who have been through it, as they may have a great tip that would be helpful to know about prior to having the surgery. The best thing is to feel you are not alone and by talking with others, it helps to feel that support!